Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life... It's the ideal, but for a lot of creatives doing what you love without having high paying clients, the work you love doing and a community of people ready to purchase what you have to offer - 

Can be the biggest cause of stress and the reason so many creative businesses fail.

teaching you creative business so you can live  your dream life.

My proven method to get you from talent to  




Niche/ Offer calculator

the niche calculator designed to focus on your best talents, profit potential and lifestyle factors to help you determine your best offer to get you from talent to profit

5 steps to finding your perfect, profitable niche, becoming the
stand out, booked out
"go to" creative.

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Business phase quiz

my free business phase quiz for creatives designed to understand what you need to work on your business right now, without the overwhelm to ensure maximum results from the work you put into your creative business

The clarity you need to invest in the right tools, you need right now, to get you to your revenue goals without wasting time or money

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35 revenues streams E- Book

whether your just starting out or need to create more offers in your business to create more revenue my E-book will have so many ideas you can adapt to any creative business and make more money!

35 Ideas to make more money in your creative business right now, you don't need to follow other people in your space to create a profitable creative business

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"Invest in creating solid business foundations & systems that work to create ongoing sales & become the standout, booked out, go-to creative in your space"

jo eleanor

"Success in creative business is not just about talent, it's knowing the clear foundations and marketing tools ALL businesses need for success"

jo eleanor