who is

Jo Eleanor

Help you create a wildly profitable business. Be the stand out, booked out, go-to creative in your space.

my mission

Taking you from talent to profit

I now run a multiple 6 figure business and in 5 short years achieved so many of my goals including my dream clients, luxury offerings and the perfect community of customers.
Once i capped out with my service offerings i realised i needed to create multiple income streams to continue to grow and i'm passionate about sharing everything i've learnt with you. 

I want to create a space where creatives know they can succeed. That they can invest in their own skills, creations & style to create a dream life. 
To demolish the belief of "The starving artist"
When i first started my calligraphy business in 2016 i had no where to turn for support and how to create a business. 
It was daunting but bit by bit i have put the pieces together.

worked for the largest luxury brands in the world including dior, hermes & chanel

developed new creative applications for luxury clients including onsite calligraphy engraving & foiling

brand deals with the largest luxury clients 

broke through my own income ceiling with a 6 figure month in nov 2020, with multiple income streams

6 figure christmas product launch


are you ready to be a booked out, standout go-to creative in your space?


Niche/ Offer calculator

the niche calculator designed to focus on your best talents, profit potential and lifestyle factors to help you determine your best offer to get you from talent to profit

5 steps to finding your perfect, profitable niche, becoming the
stand out, booked out
"go to" creative.

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Sometimes the first offer you create can limit you to the amount of hours you have in the day to work and service clients. I want to reframe how you think about your business. 
Creating a high value core offer but then adding multiple income streams to achieve your revenue goals

how can you help an established business?

It used to describe anyone who works in a creative field such as artists, photographers, stylists, events and beauty (and everything in between!) who's wanting to creating a luxury experience for their customer. It's not about being expensive it's about giving the best value and service as well as your very best skills. 

what is a luxury creative?

Early on when i started i hit a lot of road blocks and push back. I was told not to be different, don't stand out and don't ask for work. Which is the opposite of what i believe are the secrets to success in a creative business. 

why are you so passionate about sharing business advice?


My calligraphy business has worked in both the corporate brand activation & marketing space as well as heavy involvement in the wedding & event market and successful E- Commerce product. I believe my methods can help anyone looking to break into the creative business space in these industries

what industries are you experienced in

What an incredible place to be. A clean slate means you can really hone in on your zone of genius, your perfect niche and how to find your ideal client without spending your life posting to crickets on social media. 

what if i'm just starting out?

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