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Build a multiple 6 figure creative business

The luxury creative
Founded by Jo Eleanor of Calligraphy en Vogue.

The luxury creative is a space where creatives such as artists, photographers, stylists & creative dreamers can learn about the secrets to creating a business that not only creates magic but also creates your dream life. 

I answer all the questions about how to actually make money (multiple 6+ figures!), how to create amazing concepts and how to pitch to your dream client and break through your money earning capacity as a service based business.

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Niche/ Offer calculator

the niche calculator designed to focus on your best talents, profit potential and lifestyle factors to help you determine your best offer to get you from talent to profit

5 steps to finding your perfect, profitable niche, becoming the
stand out, booked out
"go to" creative.

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jo eleanor

"Create your dream - A business with all your creative pursuits, that is wildly profitable"


"Multiple 6 figure businesses are achievable - break your income ceiling"

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